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Experimental simulation educational platform for professional skills

Deep immersive
learning & training

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Organize classes in a virtual reality environment
Effective interaction between teachers and learners
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You can explore and assign Immersive lesson to your class

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Access to over 150+ VR Lesson for free
Exclusive educator access to all of Course Manager content
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Easy to build up with powerful tool and push it into your immersive space

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Create a new space with your account
Add model, Q&A, Image by sequence
Public I-lesson and invite learners to join in

Game changer
in Edtech

The virtual reality world where spreading knowledge and learning experiences with powerful

Access to unlimited library from top universities all around the world, connect the best lecturers and take part in variety academic activities


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Monitor activities with a lean interface dashboard

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Tracking interactive learners per day
Update revenue and promoted program by one click
Set calendar for class very quickly and easily
Experience the human anatomy lab and learn about the human body from the cellular to the internal level
Teleport to an ecological reserve and learn about their life. Discover hundreds of rare creatures on Earth

Diverse lesson library verified by leading professors

Lectures are structured to be most similar to reality

15 Sessions

8 Sessions

Interactive speaking, listening, seeing, touching

Logically designed for learners to absorb maximum knowledge



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More confident

Immersive learning would help build more confidence in the execution of learning outcomes than traditional learning methods

Improvement value

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Faster and more focused


More emotionally connected

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Higher information retention

I-learn would possibly evoke deeper emotional connections than traditional methods, which significantly improves retention of the information learned

Improved attention

I-learn would result in fewer instances of being distracted while learning (i.e., less multitasking than traditional methods)

more comfortable and less stressful environment to practice new skills than traditional methods

Comfortable environment

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We’ve won numerous awards and recognition for breaking new ground on the frontier of educational technology for simulation and metaverse sector

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How it works

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Address: R&D Lab QTSC, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 12, HCMC

Phone: +84 944 173 001

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Address: R&D Lab QTSC, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 12, HCMC

Phone: +84 944 173 001